Send Certified Mail™ online, fast

Eliminate the hassle of manually preparing mail pieces and storing Return Receipt “green cards.” Automate the entire process with e-Certify and take advantage of USPS commercial discounts today.

Simplify the preparation, tracking, and storage of your Certified Mail with Return Receipt™ using our electronic Certified Mail™ solution

Save time and money

Simplifies the preparation of Certified Mail with Electronic Return Receipt and saves $1.25 cost per letter by providing a USPS® digital signature in place of the “green card”. 

No forms to handwrite and no labels or Return Receipt™ cards to apply to envelopes. 

User-friendly interface

Multi-user, web-based software that streamlines the preparation and management of Certified Mail™ with Return Receipt.  An easy-to-use interface and process flow enables users to send Certified Mail™ in a fraction of the time.  Prepare one mail piece at a time or upload multiple addresses for batch processing.

Real time tracking and reporting

Assure and prove your important certified documents are and delivered and opened by the intended recipient. Centralizes tracking and reporting for all sent items with updated delivery status for each piece. Captures and stores electronic images of customer signatures securely in the cloud.  Sends automatic email notifications when signatures are available.  Digital archiving eliminates the need to store paper receipts and keep them organized.